Women And Politics


After the recent arrest of Sasikala and the whole palm slapping episode conducted on Ex CM’s grave, the world wonders that are woman carved out by the nature to rule the masses?

  • Can she undoubtedly carry forward a legacy putting her emotions, frustrations and anxiety behind?
  • Can she confidently lead a political party without showing her helplessness of been an Abla Nari caught in a net of politics?
  • Can she act as ruthless as– King Porus, King Sikander or closer home King Ashoka ?
  • Can she take individual decisions without consulting anyone or she needs to walk on the tight rope laid down by fellow party campers?

Woman by nature are carved to be soft spoken, kind, warm, caring, devoted living being who can provide comfort to the opposite sex who are often harsh, ruthless, dominative, carefree, distressed and frustrated by the world -read here as male.

When a woman performs dual characteristics of man and woman in one body —the world gets confused. Critics stand up from their positions to mince out every word possible to define a certain palm stamping behavior. Politics -a predominantly male dominated arena accepts woman only if they are quasi-men themselves. If a women in politics is exceptionally good looking and woman like – there are possibilities that she can be a butt of a WhatsApp joke and not taken that seriously for her work. I mean a work done by Mayawatiji is taken more seriously than Hina Rabbani Khar.

Women leaders need to be diplomatically talented equally if not more than her male counterparts to rule the roost. She has to choose either side to arrive on world politics podium. She cannot be emotional and ruthless together in a body.

A much poised and stoic Lt. Jayalalithaa would have twisted and turned in her grave at the showcase of such behavioral trait by her aide.  Had Sasikala not exhibit such behavior when the cameras were awaiting the fodder she might have come across, accepted as a more balanced candidate for the position of TN CM. She could have possibly evoked a strong feeling that she was framed and was a suitable suitor instead of Mr K Palaniswami. The talks are that this behavior of hers has also not gone down too well with her followers.

Maybe the world wants single identity wrapped in a body. It can possibly still remember with fondness and praise the great leadership of Shrimati Indira Gandhi who sacrificed her married life to single-mindedly focus on the wellbeing of the nation. If you are a woman leader you need to be hardcore strong- mentally and emotionally. Certain pinch of drama is welcomed but only within the confinement of four walls of house where the world cannot see you- to judge you and label you as weak or dramebaaz.

Every time you feel disabled, crippled under expectations feel free to cry and lash out at the world but only within the confinement of your home amongst your care takers and come out ever victorious and stronger.