A Major Decision

Kashmir is boiling since ages and there has been constant insult meted out to the Indian Army on multiple occasions by the aavam, Separatists, terrorists, few Baluchi and by some people who get misled by the emotions. Army is not the first choice to stop small fights but when the police are unable to contain the situation the army is called in. By the time army is deployed the “Times of Talks” are already gone by. They are deployed to enforce law and order whether you like it or not.

The best course of action for the civilian is to Co-operate with them but if you are dumb enough to stone pelt them than you deserve what’s coming towards you.

Also a point to remember here is Army has its own courts. If an army man is found guilty to killing an innocent civilian or dishonoring him for no reason he is into deep shit.

Major Leetul Gogoi , who tied Mr Farooq Ahmed Dhar, a shawl weaver  to his Jeep’s bonnet and used him as a human shield to ward off the stonepelters, has been honoured with the Army Chiefs “ Commendation Card” ( Badges awarded for individual act of gallantry or distinguished service performed in either operational or non-operational areas. ) His service efforts as well his presence of mind are lauded by many in countering insurgency operations.

On 9th April 17 when by- election were been commissioned for Srinagar-Budgam parliamentary constituency some hundreds of people gathered the area and attacked the polling stations and held the govt official hostages. At 10:30 am Major Gogoi received a distress call from the ITBP workers of Utligam that there were some 1200 people who had gathered near the polling booth and were pelting stones. They were attempting to burn down the polling station by hurling petrol bombs. On hearing the same he rushed to Utligam which stands at a distance of 1.5 kms from Gondi Pura where he was controlling a similar polling situation.

After reaching the spot and been unable to move from his jeep due to constant stone pelting Major Gogoi made announcement from his Mega phone that they were just there to rescue the polling staff but the crowd kept on pelting stones. Just then he happened to foresight a 30 something short man who Major believed to be a crowd instigator. He asked his team to catch hold of him. Sensing the situation the man identified as Farooq Ahmed Dhar a resident of Village Chill began running towards the crowd in order to protect himself. It is interesting to note that Chill is at a distance of 20 Kms from Utligam where Mr.  Dhar had come to cast his vote.

Farroq Ahmed Dhar

The army officials caught hold of him and tied him to the Jeep at the orders of Major Gogoi. They used him as a human shield against the stonepelters and paraded him on the jeep to get out of the tensed situation successfully. Noteworthy here is that the crowd subsequently stopped pelting stones on seeing a human shield on the jeep for a while.

Admittedly a hostile situation, Admittedly a protest going on, Admittedly Govt by poll official were held as hostages, Admittedly stone pelting done by 1200 people, Admittedly a poll been burnt down and still the media raises hue and cry on the above photo.

Major Leetul Gogoi had an option –he could have fired at the crowd resulting into casualities, made the pelters his hostages, created a stampeded like situation, run over people. Loss of life would have taken place and the same people in Media, Actors and Writers who are condemning his decision for tying a human to his jeep would have shouted slogans for the massacre which Major Leetul Gogoi could have avoided under his purview.

As long as Major Gogoi acted within bonafide and his action resulted into defusing a hostile situation, his efforts should be put to more credit than his orders of tying up of Mr Dhar to his jeep.

How military responds to a tensed situation in a warlike zone with a hostile crowd of 1200 people pelting stones at you should be best left to the judgement of an army officer who ensured that there was not a single loss of life.

A media columnist’s opinion or Actor Paresh Rawal’s comment’s  will not be fairly able to  review the judgement as you have to put yourself into that position to experience the warlike zone and taking charge to bring situation under control.

Think with an open 360 degree angle:

Did he act Bonafide?

Did his action result into defusing the situation without a single loss of life?

If the answer to the above is YES that we must zip up our mouths and put the controversy to rest.

A terrorist infested Kashmir cannot dream of good future. People there surrender to provocation as there seems to be very little education amongst the locals.  Kashmiris have locked their minds in the cupboard. It should be understood that major causalities are not by the army but because of the crowd and the terrorists. If army really wanted to kill Kashmiris, than all Kashmiris should have been dead by now.

Its right time as addressed by PM Modi that Kashmiris  needs to choose between Terrorism and Tourism.

Request you to go through the video uploaded and just see the restraint of the Indian Army patrolling in Pakistan Occupied Kashmir. The future belongs to the Children and if the Children are raised like this than even a so called Jannat can turn into Jahannum.

Video of Children Shouting Anti India Slogans in POK