Winston Churchill once said: “If you have 10,000 regulations you destroy all respect for the law”.

In Today’s scenario we modify the same as: “If you have 1 funny/mindless regulation you destroy all respect for the law.”

The NH will be much safer for your drive with the recent law of the Govt to ban the liquor establishments within 500mtrs of the highways-220 meters for towns with a population of 20,000 or less.

It thus aims to curb the drunken driving that kills thousands of people each year. The aim seems fair but how it shall be driven to ensure implementation reducing the accidents is a question mark.

We all know people find out means to get away with it whenever a law is implemented based on specific facts and figures.  Prohibition till 500 meters can lead to selling of the liquor at a distance of further 600,650 or 700 meters in the interior of a village. The so called smart villages in India still lack the basic livelihood opportunities pushing the lives to dwell on liquor and forgetting  their worries. The government is thus enabling and ensuring the sale of this magnificent liquid closer home making it even more accessible to all the lives that do not have means to earn daily bread.

How shall the Govt control the nuisance this sale shall generate on the deserted village streets with the misbehavior with woman and robbery without any police protection?  These closures will result into job loss and shall translate into enormous losses to businesses that thrive on tourism revenues.

PM Modi talks of Growth but the growth should be sustainable in long term. Why an idea to promote more jobs is not advocated. Why you cannot deploy more Highway Policing thus guarantying jobs to curb drunken driving menace and rather employing some funny mindless law.

The Gujarat Govt has recently amended the States Animal Preservation Bill to entail a maximum punishment of life imprisonment on cow slaughter and a minimum of 10 years of jail term. This bill was successfully passed in the assembly with the absence of the opposition with the visitors’ gallery packed with saffron clad Hindu priests. All Gau Matas are safe here in Gujarat.

This bill however does not frighten me. I can drive recklessly and hit a cow for the bill offers no measures under such offences made by the drivers.


Along with the law the conditions by which the cows are reared in the cowsheds should be improvised. The cows stand in utter heat of 50 plus degree, in the rainy season the knees of the cows are splattered with cow dung and the rainy mud. Year on year numerous cattle dies due to Hand , Foot and mouth disease, Skin Ulcers and anthrax disease.

With no improvement in the condition we pass a bill to stop cow slaughter.

Aren’t they getting slaughtered each day in the pathetic cowsheds of Pinjrapoles ?

The aim of the bill is to protect the Cows.

I have my own doubts.


7 thoughts on “Thoughtlessness…”

  1. Grt thought. We expect grt change step by step with new era of “Bharat change”
    We expeienced some new and exceptionally good change and it not only come through top level but simultaneously people have to participate


  2. Agreed to your points, however, there are many factors involved in these decisions. Its hard for non-productive or poor parents to survive in this age. These are animals! Similar to old age homes, there are panjarapols but probably not enough and not properly funded to keep the humanity obviously visible.


  3. My heart goes out to the innumerable cows and the calfs, that are wandering through out the day, in thirst and hunger. Eating out of garbage bins, competing with street dogs to eat something. Even if they are kept at the cow shed, they are so tightly tied to the rope that it does not allow them free movement of neck for even 2 feet also leave alone shifting position. The calfs are not allowed to feed on the mothers milk. Only a hand full cows are possibly fed well that too to be bred again and again and give milk as long as they can. It’s time to bring back the glory of “gaay humari Mata hai” times. No kid will believe that cow is a sacred animal, now it’s a scared animal…


  4. Government is in so hurry that they enforce law and amendments without planning for proper infrastructure. We need to come out of ‘ILLUSIVE WORLD’ created around us by today’s politicians.


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